A new study by Mckinsey suggests remote work and virtual meetings would continue. 20 to 25 percent of the workforces could work from home between three and five days a week, which means we may move to a hybrid model. The new model promises greater access to talent, increased productivity for individuals and small teams, lower costs, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences.

What questions will we answer?

What are the Different Types of Hybrid Work?

What is and will be different? 

Do we need to change our leadership style? 

And more..

Join us for a collaborative event of 20-way collaboration between the PMI Chapters of; Mumbai, Czech Republic, Netherlands, South Africa, South Florida, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Phoenix, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Gujarat, Lima Peru, Southern Alberta, Sao Paulo, Kenya, Ghana, Greece, Puget Sound, and Poland, while we explore “Project Management for Hybrid teams”!

Meet our Speakers!

Luann Piccard (Guest Speaker)

John Tseriwa (Africa)

Geetha Gopal (Asia)

Tomasz Grochowski (Europe) – Session Moderator

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio (Latin America)

Katelyn Bullock (North America)

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Date: Oct 22, 2021

Time: 19:30 – 21:30 IST

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